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MobiliTeaTime #11 | FashionXperience – English Version

MobiliTeaTime #11 | FashionXperience – English Version



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The Overview

Speed, mobility, choice, personalization, services, privileges, experience… Fashion shoppers are more and more demanding and expect a real shopping experience from brands! Because buying clothes and accessories is more a leisure (good for morale) or a social activity than a necessity!

Fashion brands’ challenge?
Offer a fluid, omnichannel and positive « FashionXperience » answering to the ultra connected shoppers’ needs!


A 85 pages study, freely available in French and English on SlideShare or to download in the following form!

  • Some key figures regarding fashion & mobile markets
  • Decoding of fashion shoppers’ profiles at the mobile first era (behaviors and expectations)
  • 5 shoppers’ journeys and the stakes for fashion brands
  • 7 mobile & innovation trends for fashion shopping
  • More than 80 cases from fashion brands using mobile and new technologies to improve the FashionXperience.

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